Watercraft Purchase and Transport

Seven Seas Trading is also able to assist with the purchase and transport of any type of watercraft. This includes smaller items from Jet Ski’s and fishing boats, to larger pleasure yachts. Through our partnerships in a vast network of manufacturers, we are able to offer the watercraft at very competitive prices.


Using our sister company, Seven Seas Yacht Transport, we are also able to provide the complex service of transporting the watercraft. With over 5 years experience in this field, your expensive yachts are in safe hands every step of the way.

Purchase Process



Contact Seven Seas Trading and let us know what you need! Whatever type of watercraft you are looking to import, we can most likely find it.
If you’d like to proceed, simply let us know and either open an L/C with your bank,or send our account a TT Wire Transfer for the full amount.
Whenever we receive payment whether through a Wire Transfer or L/C from the bank, Seven Seas will purchase the watercraft from the manufacturer, and ship it to your port of choice.
Receive your watercraft, along with all customs paperwork and certifications for it in a timely manner.

More Details

Seven Seas Trading is proud to offer every type of watercraft imaginable. To learn more or to request pricing for something specific, simply contact us through telephone or email! 

Seven Seas Yacht Transport has been in the business of transporting 60+ ft yachts since 2012. With all the proper licenses and an NVOCC, we are able to partner with with them to provide top-of-the-line service for all watercraft purchased through us. To learn more, head to their website at

Recently Completed Projects

The flatrack method of yacht transport suits a wide variety of boat designs up to 45 ft. in length. This method is popular because of its simplicity, scheduling flexibility and relatively low cost.
The Lift On – Lift Off yacht transport method is ideal for vessels ranging from 32 ft. to 150 ft. in length and up to 900 metric tons in weight.
Racing boats often participate in worldwide regattas and need to be moved under time constraints to meet the tight competition schedules in various races. We are able to offer liner service with weekly sailings from most ports to meet any schedule demand.
Seven Seas offers specialized yacht carrier vessels equipped with loadmasters, cradles designed to ship yachts and boats
Carver 500 MY shipped with liner service / lift on lift off method ex Florida to Asia