Food Purchase and Delivery

Although Seven Seas has only recently begun working with food products, we already have the experience to make sure you get what you need. We can source many different food products from all over the world, and ship them ourselves to your port of choice.


Through our 4 global offices we are able to offer a wide range of products, specializing in Sunflower Oil, Milk Powder, and Wine.  All offices are able to provide the certificates/proper paperwork for every item, as we understand how difficult it can be importing food.


Our process is simple, smooth, and always done in a timely manner. See below for more info!

Purchase Process



Contact Seven Seas Trading and let us know what you need! Whatever type of food you are looking to import, we can most likely find it.
If you’d like to proceed, simply let us know and either open an L/C with your bank,or send our account a TT Wire Transfer for the full amount.
Whenever we receive payment whether through a Wire Transfer or L/C from the bank, Seven Seas will purchase the food from our supplier, and ship it to your port of choice.
Receive your food products, along with all customs paperwork and certifications for them in a timely manner.

More Details

We understand how difficult it can be to import food into a country. This is why we place a high emphasis on making sure that our clients receive all of the necessary paperwork to make customs clearance a breeze. Health certificates, certificates of origin, certificate of purity, etc. will all be provided shortly after a purchase is made. Want to know exactly what certificates come with any type of food? Reach out and ask us for more info!

We handle all of our transportation in house; from picking up food from the factory, to bringing it to port, to putting it on a cargo ship. This way we have full control over the quality and safety of the car, and can make sure it gets shipped quickly. We make sure to deliver all products in a proper and safe way. This means refrigerated containers when need be, and quick shipping to avoid any spoilage. Everything is shipped with our own insurance – so if anything goes bad or breaks, Seven Seas Trading takes full responsibility!

Although we are able to find anything our clients need, we specialize in a couple key areas. Sunflower Oil – From Russia and Ukraine. Milk Powder – From Europe and Belarus. Juice – From Russia and the U.S. Wine – From Russia. Interested in seeing a full list of products? Contact us and we’ll be more than happy to provide further details!

We accept either 100% L/C payment, or a TT Wire Transfer for the full amount. Through our financial arm and using a Bank L/C, our clients don’t have to actually pay any money until they receive confirmation their goods are safely on a container ship headed to their port of choice. Contact us to learn more about this process!

Recently Completed Projects

Order of 1,500 cans of Aptamil Baby Milk Powder, purchased and shipped from Russia to Tianjin.
Order of 450 assorted Gerber Baby Milk Powder, purchased and shipped from U.S.A to Dalian.
Order of 750 assorted U.S.A Baby Milk Powder products, shipped to Tianjin.
1 box of Sunflower Oil from order of 3,200 boxes, purchased and shipped from Ukraine to Tianjin.
Seven Seas Booth at Canton Fair
Seven Seas' booth at Canton Fair
Speaking with attendees at Canton Fair
Selection of Wine at Canton Fair
Russian Fruit Juice and Sunflower Oil at Canton Fair
Central Booth at Canton Fair
Wine and Baby Milk Powder at Canton Fair
Pure Life shelf stable milk on Chinese shelves