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    Great time to buy – Peso exchange rate is high, and inventory is too!

    The USD to MXN exchange rate is hovering around 20, which means it’s a great time to buy! Prices are currently lower than usual, and there’s plenty of inventory due to China’s 3C complications. Get in contact with us to learn more!...
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    Orders placed for 120+ Mercedes Metris from the U.S.A – 01/201

    Orders have been placed for over 120 Mercedes Metris from the U.S.A! MSRP will be ranging from $38,000 to $40,500, with all units including single flip-up tailgate and the electric sliding door package. We have received the first 20 units so far, and are able to ship them immediately through COO without waiting for titles....
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    Seven Seas Signs Agreement with Shenyang Railway Company

    Seven Seas Trading took a trip to China in October of 2017, to come up with a plan for cooperation with the great government Railway Company of Shenyang. After much discussion, Seven Seas has agreed to provide the railway company with 500-600 cars per year, and the railway company has agreed to allow Seven Seas...