About Our Company

Our approach is simple – create the very best relationships with our clients, through using our supplier relationships. We are a “one-stop-shop” able to provide the full range of services.

From sourcing the goods and financing them, to shipping them ourselves, to clearing customs. We pride ourselves on ensuring the safe transit of any goods across the globe, personally handled by our dedicated logistics team. There is no challenge too large for Seven Seas to handle.

Our History

Our History



Seven Seas was established in Miami in 2010, when we first began exporting vehicles to China. Business was moving along, but we realized that a couple key elements were missing.


So in 2012, we added a dedicated transportation division. Using our own NVOCC license, we began actually shipping the goods we are selling. This helped increase our value to clients, and ensured we are able to control an entire project/deal from start to finish.


A year later, we also added a financial division to our list of services. This has given us the opportunity to allow all of our clients to do business through a bank Letter of Credit, only providing payment after confirmation that their goods have been loaded and ready to ship. Those key aspects have allowed Seven Seas Trading to evolve into the company it is today – one that emphasizes customer service, timeliness, and puts our clients’ interests first.


Today, we ship tens of millions of dollars worth of goods to many clients in China. Contact us to learn how you can be a part of our success!

Missions and Goals

Our mission is to provide the Chinese market with anything it may need, while doing it all with amazing customer service. Whether that is automobiles, yachts, or food – we have it covered. Through building strong relationships with our clients and suppliers, we connect the dots to provide timely and cost efficient service. With dedicated logistics teams, our clients are always in the loop and up to date with any project we are working on with them.